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The Code of Ethics is provided to advise members of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, of what is acceptable practise.  It is intended to ensure that the public are protected from improper practices and to establish and maintain proper standards of behaviour by members of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Limited.

The Directors of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Limited reserve the right to consider any form of professional misconduct which may be brought to their attention, even though such misconduct may not appear to come within the scope or precise wording of any of the rules set out in the Code of Ethics.  Applications for all categories of membership are accepted on the understanding that members will adhere to the restrictions defined in the Code of Ethics.

Applications which are made in contravention of the Code of Ethics will be considered to have been made under false pretences.


'Members' refers to all categories of membership of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists ie. Full Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Overseas Members.

The Feminine shall include the Masculine.
Please note that as members of "The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists", P4B Training abide by and agree to all of the following.  They also expect all students to agree to and abide by these codes.




Members are obliged to uphold the dignity of the profession and shall conduct themselves in conformity with good taste and professional decorum.

Members agree to act honourably towards their clients and fellow practitioners.

Members agree to maintain the confidentiality of their clients at all times.

Members must refrain from criticising the work of fellow practitioners.

Members must not undertake treatments which are beyond the scope of their professional training.   Members who do not hold a relevant medical qualification must advise clients to consult a medical practitioner in such cases.

Members must not treat any client for a condition which, to her knowledge, is at the time under the care of a medical practitioner without the knowledge and consent of that practitioner.  Members should enquire before treating a client for the first time if the client is under the care of a medical practitioner.

Members must not give injections or prescribe pills, ointments or lotions which should be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Members must not engage in activities which are illegal or immoral.  Members must not work in, or be associated with establishments which offer services which are illegal or immoral.




Any breach of  The Code of Ethics may be deemed professional misconduct.  The Directors of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists reserve the right to suspend or terminate  membership of the individual or group of individuals in such cases.  The decision of the Directors in such cases is final.


All certificates, badges, signs and publicity materials remain the property of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Limited and must be returned on termination of membership.
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