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Warm wax melting point: 40 - 43?C

Usual Ingredients for warm wax:


Refined gum resin:- Glycerol ester of gum rosin which is used in pressure sensitive adhesives, sealant adhesive and hot melt adhesives.
Hydrocarbon tackifiers:- yellow transparent Liquid esterified from gum rosin and Triethylene, also an adhesive.
Glucose:- a simple sugar.
Fructose:- a fruit sugar also the most water soluble of all sugars.
Maltose:- a malt sugar.
Aqua:- water.
Citric Acid:- a natural preservative usually used as an environmentally benign cleaning agent.
Modified Colophonium:- added to the rosin to modify its friction properties, and (disputably) the tone of it.
Solanum Tuberosum:- a cuticular wax derived from potato leaves, also used as a preservative.
As well as the usual warm wax, there are several different types of wax available on the market. The ingredients can vary quite alot and range from a mixture of rubber solution and solvents or totally organics substances such as honey.
You should always look at the ingredients of any product you are using on the public. Pay particular attention to any ingredients coming from nuts or nut dirivative.

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